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2 Step Lead Capture To Increase Conversions

To start the process a business owner enters in their business name and zip code. Instantly, a list of results is generated and they’re asked to verify and select the most relevant location. To ensure maximum lead capture and conversion our 2 two step micro commitment process entices the prospect with a fully detailed report blurred out and waiting for them behind an opt in form to claim their report. Once they’ve provided their name, email, and contact information the report is instantly available to them and you’ll receive an email and SMS alert of the lead.

Instant Email & SMS Lead Notifications

No lead is hotter than the one that just gave you all of their contact details to receive their Local Score Report. With our instant Email and SMS notifications feature, you or your sales team will know the instant there’s a hot new lead. Simply log into your back office for instant access to their personal contact information, required to view the report, and a copy of the exact report that is on their screen in front of them, right now. You now have the ability to contact your hottest leads and fulfill the request in real time. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Visibility, Reputation & Overall Score

The three most important factors to the online success of a local business are placed Front and Center on their local score report, providing an instant snapshot of their strengths and deficiencies. This “report card” layout helps them immediately understand the factors they must address, emphasized by a detailed breakout in each section. The report does all of the selling for you, and removes any objections with the one thing they can’t refute, real world data. To make things even easier for both you and the business owner, we’ve placed call to action buttons throughout the report for when they can’t bear the pain any longer and are ready to get started with you.

Scans Top 20 Directory Sites

The Name, Address and Phone information for the business needs to be 100% congruent, accurate, and up to date as possible to help drive prospects and customers to call or visit the physical location of the business. When this information is lacking or even small omissions and errors can dramatically affect the business and how they rank. We instantly scan and report on the top 20 sites relevant to the business and check them for detailed congruency, reporting any discrepancies or errors. Once the scan is complete and the report is requested by the business owner you’ll be instantly notified. A lead doesn’t get any hotter than this. Imagine an SMS alert the moment we’ve completed a scan for a business looking to fix their directories.

Automatically Identifies Niche Directory Sites

Based on the initial search we identify the business category, and the software then “smart routes” the scanning process to include or skip specific sites based on their relevancy to the individual business type. This insures that your local doctor doesn’t receive a poor score based on the result of an irrelevant hospitality review site built for hotels, or a car dealer doesn’t have an attorney specific directory on their report. Small yet powerful details like this further adds to your credibility and professionalism. We currently scan for results on the top Medical, Home Improvement, Legal, Automotive, Hospitality and Restaurant sites. We will be adding in more sites based on agency requests and the types of businesses we see the most requests from.


Scans For Reviews On Over 20 Sites

Online ratings and reviews are the most important factor for a consumer when making their initial search for a business. We search over two dozen of the most popular review sites for the software to gather, average, and display the number of reviews and rating per site, the number of total reviews, average total rating across all sites, as well as a visual ratings breakdown. This data displayed visually makes it very clear for the owner to see which sites they excel on and the others sites where they should focus more attention on. Included in the ability to click on the reviews from inside of the report and view them directly on the review site.

Average Ratings & Review Breakdown By Site

Along with the overall online review and ratings score, we drill down the report by site. Displayed within the same row as the listings information we create a complete snapshot of their profile for each site. The business owner can quickly see and understand which of the most popular sites they are rated highest on, sites that have them rated poorly and require immediate attention, and which sites they need help with and generate reviews for. Next to each breakdown is a call to action button that you determine where they go next to resolve the problem. This can direct to an order form, appointment scheduler, or wherever you decide.

Sentiment Analysis

Built into every report is a text analytics program that works during the scan to determine the intention and attitude of the reviewer with respect to the overall polarity of the review. With high accuracy we can derive whether the expressed opinion of a sentence or review is positive, negative, or neutral and display it to the business owner. We also break out the most frequently used keywords in their reviews and provide an interactive table that allows the owner to see the highlighted keywords and displays the top reviews for that keyword. In real time, directly on the report, the owner can also filter by keyword frequency, or view the most positive, neutral, or negative keywords as well.

Most Recent Positive and Negative Reviews

To really drive home the importance of online rating and reviews we display the 3 most recent happy and unhappy customer reviews from across the web based on rating and customer sentiment. We link directly back to the review source so the owner can instantly see exactly what they are doing right, where they need to focus, or help them quickly respond to a recent negative online review, and most importantly to validate why they need your agency’s help immediately.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions…

Q: Does Local Prospector work on PC and Mac?

A: YES! Local Prospector is Software As A Service web based application. So it works on both both Mac and PC.

Q: Can I use Local Prospector multiple computers?

A: YES! You can use Local Prospector on as many computers as you need.

Q: Are there any upsells or additional requirements with Local Prospector?

A: No! Local Prospector is a complete stand alone lead capture and fulfillment software. You can easily use this as a lead generator for any back end service you already provide, but it is also powerful enough to be used as a stand alone offer.

Q: Will I receive free updates to Local Prospector?

A: YES! We will continue to improve the software with new features and fix any defects that may arise. You will be the first to learn about any updates. With Local Prospector you’ll stay ahead of the curve for generating leads, even if changes are made to any of the many API’s we connect to.

Q: What About Refunds?

A: Due to the nature of this special sale and the resources we use per account, there are no refunds.

Q: Do you have training videos?

A: We sure do, while the software is very simple and intuitive we do provide video tutorials in your back office.